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About Me

Originally from upstate New York, I've spent the last few 4 years studying for my Engineering Psychology degree from Tufts University. I learned principles of experimental & cognitive psychology, taught myself about design, and led 2 on-campus dance groups.

My user research is supported by a strong foundation in design and web development. Using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods makes my insight rigorous, holistic, and impactful.

As a designer I emphasize consistency, accessibility, and efficiency. I love to collaborate across teams to democratize the design process and facilitate new input. I always test my designs to ground my work in reality, ensuring that both business and user needs are considered.



I’m Eric, a Product Designer and UX Researcher with a background in Human Factors. Currently living in San Francisco.

Currently working as a Category Specialist at Walmart.com, former UX Researcher at Cognito Therapeutics.

I was a first-generation student at Tufts University, where I earned my BS in Engineering Psychology, where I studied human behavior as it applies to product design.

As a designer I emphasize consistency, accessibility, and efficiency to solve complex business problems while always keeping the user in mind. Outside of work, I enjoy rock climbing, dance, and trapeze.

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